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Use of a foaming disinfectant and cleaner to reduce aerobic bacteria on poultry transport coops

C.A. Hinojosa, D.J. Caldwell, J.A. Byrd, M.A. Ross, K.D. Stringfellow, E.J. Fowlkes, J.T. Lee, P.A. Stayer, Y.Z. Farnell, M.B. Farnell
Journal of applied poultry research 2015 v.24 no.3 pp. 364-370
aerobes, air, animal transport, bacteria, bacterial contamination, broiler chickens, cages, cleaners, cleaning, disinfectants, disinfection, feces, floors, foaming, foams, land transportation
Poultry transportation coops are rarely washed and have been demonstrated to be a point of cross-contamination of broiler carcasses. Foaming disinfectants and cleaners, commonly used within processing plants, may be used to clean and disinfect poultry transportation coops. In this study, homogenized fecal material was evenly applied to the floors of precleaned broiler transportation coops and allowed to dry. Treatments consisted of a water rinse, a foam additive alone, foaming cleaner, and a disinfectant plus a foam additive. All foaming treatments were applied using a compressed air foam system (2,271 L/min; 600 gal/min), similar to what firefighters would use. A high-pressure water rinse (HPWR) was added prior to or following the treatments to determine whether rinsing prior to product application or rinsing after product application would improve efficacy. Based on our data, a compressed air foam system may be used in combination with a commercially available disinfectant or foam cleaner to reduce aerobic bacteria on the surfaces of commercial broiler transportation coops. Furthermore, the addition of a HPWR did not further reduce the level of aerobic bacteria on broiler transportation coop floors.