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Effect of chia seed on glycemic response, texture, and sensory properties of Chinese steamed bread

Zhu, Fan, Chan, Coline
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2018 v.98 pp. 77-84
Salvia hispanica, bioactive compounds, breads, color, glycemic effect, glycemic index, hardness, in vitro digestion, seeds, sensory evaluation, sensory properties, texture, wheat flour
Chia (Salvia hispanica) seed is a source of diverse bioactive components with various potential health effects. Chinese steamed bread (CSB) is a traditional staple among Asian population. In this report, intact white chia seeds replaced wheat flour for northern-style CSB formulation at various levels up to 300 g/kg. The impact of seed replacement on in vitro starch digestion, expected glycemic index (eGI), expected glycemic load (eGL), volumetric properties, colour, texture, and sensory quality of the CSB were studied. Chia seed addition reduced the eGI and eGL of CSB by up to 25% and 48%, respectively. Chia seeds increased the hardness of CSB and reduced the specific volume of CSB by up to 211% and 27%, respectively. Sensory analysis showed that the overall acceptance of CSB was not affected by chia seed addition. It may be concluded that intact chia seed addition up to 300 g/kg can nutritionally enhance CSB without compromising the eating quality.