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Sensory evaluation of a novel prebiotic sheep milk strawberry beverage

Balthazar, Celso F., Santillo, Antonella, Figliola, Lucia, Silva, Hugo L.A., Esmerino, Erick A., Freitas, Mônica Q., Cruz, Adriano G., Albenzio, Marzia
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2018 v.98 pp. 94-98
beverages, color, consumer attitudes, ewe milk, flavor, inulin, odors, prebiotics, principal component analysis, pulp, seeds, sensory evaluation, sheep, strawberries, sugars, taste, texture
The sensorial evaluation of a prebiotic sheep milk juice beverage considering a consumer's perception was performed. Four beverages with different concentration of skimmed sheep milk, strawberry pulp and sugar, added with a fixed inulin level (3 g/100 g) were manufactured and submitted to hedonic and preference ranking test with 60 consumers. Beverages containing decreased sugar levels and higher content of strawberry pulp were most preferred and presented the higher scores in the acceptance test. According the Principal Component Analysis, sample B3 was characterized by strawberry flavor and aroma, acid taste, strawberry seeds presence, sheep aroma, fatty flavor, and pinkish color; while sample B4 was associated with reddish color, astringent flavor, bitter taste, brightness, viscous, sweet, acid and rancid aromas attributes. Finally, sample B2 presented salt and sweet taste, and thinner texture, while samples B1 presented sheep flavor, cooked aroma, cooked flavor and residual flavor. Our findings suggest that formulation should contain 550/370/50 g/L of skimmed sheep milk, strawberry pulp and sugar in beverage.