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Evolution of a generic, dynamic and multicomponent tumbling mill model structure incorporating a wide-range 4D appearance function

Yu, P., Xie, W., Liu, L.X., Hilden, M.M., Powell, M.S.
Powder technology 2018 v.339 pp. 396-407
dynamic models, energy, grinding, powders, prediction, probability distribution, surveys
This work aims to build a generic dynamic model structure, which can accommodate interchangeable sub-models of each sub-process, making it amenable to continuous upgrade without the need for redevelopment, for multicomponent tumbling grinding mills. The Generic Tumbling Mill Model Structure (GTMMS) is based on a population mass balance framework which incorporates breakage characteristics, transport, classification along the mill, a discharge function, and energy consumption incorporated in a dynamic mill model structure. Version III builds on two earlier versions by incorporating energy distributions derived from discrete element modelling, an updated version of the 4D breakage appearance function which applies to a broader size range, and addresses multi-component ore breakage via the probability distribution of energy split based on material stiffness. The model has been tested against multi-component plant survey data. GTMMS III suggests a mechanistic insight into mixture prediction through component analysis and is a step forward towards the unified comminution model (UCM) with its mechanistic, generic, and dynamic prediction capability.