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Target-Induced Diffusivity Enhancement for Rapid and Highly Sensitive Homogeneous Electrochemical Detection of BLM in Human Serum

Chang, Jiafu, Gai, Panpan, Li, Haiyin, Li, Feng
Talanta 2018
DNA probes, bioassays, blood serum, diffusivity, electrochemistry, humans, methylene blue
A simple, rapid, and sensitive homogeneous electrochemical bleomycin (BLM) bioassay has been successfully developed through the target-induced specific/efficient cleavage reaction. The designed probe, denoted as MB-DNA, contains both methylene blue (MB) and target recognizable sequences, and presents relatively low electrochemical signal. Upon the addition of BLM, the recognition/cleavage reaction occurs and leads to the in-situ generation of MB tag (MB-DNA-1), leading to the reduced electrostatic repulsive force. As a result, an obvious enhancement in differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) current is determined, which is relied on the amount of BLM. Thus, a turn on homogeneous electrochemical method for BLM is really achieved, and exhibits high sensitivity of 33 pM, and the shortest response time of 20min. Furthermore, this electrochemical bioassay presents excellent sensing performance in the analysis of BLM in real samples. Comparing with other sensing strategies for BLM, this proposed electrochemical platform is just consisted of one DNA probe alone, and affords a really rapid and sensitive strategy for BLM analysis.