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Food waste reduction in school canteens: Evidence from an Italian case

Lagorio, Alexandra, Pinto, Roberto, Golini, Ruggero
Journal of cleaner production 2018 v.199 pp. 77-84
case studies, cooking, food consumption, food production, food waste, school food service, stakeholders, supply chain, sustainable agriculture, waste reduction, Italy
The issue of food waste is increasingly attracting scientific and public interest due to the magnitude of the problem (in terms of quantity and global reach) and the growing attention to healthy and sustainable food production and consumption. As a consequence, an increasing number of initiatives aim to reduce the food discarded in each stage of the supply chain, from production and storage down to cooking and consumption. Still, food waste remains an unsolved issue, and many initiatives struggle to move from the design stage to full-scale implementation. This research paper focuses on a successful food waste reduction project in a school canteen in northern Italy. The case study illustrated in this paper demonstrates how it is possible to implement an effective initiative to reduce food waste with limited investment by leveraging the involvement of stakeholders.