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Methanol production from simulated biogas mixtures by co-immobilized Methylomonas methanica and Methylocella tundrae

Patel, Sanjay K.S., Kumar, Virendra, Mardina, Primata, Li, Jinglin, Lestari, Rowina, Kalia, Vipin C., Lee, Jung-Kul
Bioresource technology 2018 v.263 pp. 25-32
Methylocella, Methyloferula, Methylomonas methanica, alginates, biogas, coculture, encapsulation, hydrogen, methane, methanol, methanotrophs, silica gel
In the present study, co-cultures of the methanotrophs Methylocella tundrae, Methyloferula stellata, and Methylomonas methanica were evaluated for improving methanol production with their application. Among the different combinations, the co-culture of M. tundrae and M. methanica increased methanol production to 4.87 mM using methane (CH4) as feed. When simulated biogas mixtures were used as feed, the maximum methanol production was improved to 8.66, 8.45, and 9.65 mM by free and encapsulated co-cultures in 2% alginate and silica-gel, respectively. Under repeated batch conditions, free and immobilized co-cultures using alginate and silica-gel resulted in high cumulative production, up to 24.43, 35.95, and 47.35 mM, using simulated biohythane (CH4 and hydrogen), respectively. This is the first report of methanol production from defined free and immobilized co-cultures using simulated biogas mixtures as feed.