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Tuning the Electromagnetic Synergistic Effects for Enhanced Microwave Absorption via Magnetic Nickel Core Encapsulated in Hydrogenated Anatase TiO2 Shell

Xu, Jianle, Qi, Xiaosi, Sun, Yuan, Wang, Zhongchi, Liu, Yong, Luo, Chengzhi, Li, Bingjie, Zhong, Wei, Fu, Qiang, Pan, Chunxu
ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering 2018 v.6 no.9 pp. 12046-12054
absorption, coatings, impedance, magnetism, microparticles, nanomaterials, nickel, synergism, titanium dioxide
Owing to tremendous potential applications, hydrogenated TiO₂ (H-TiO₂) nanomaterial has been considered an important member in the field of microwave absorption. In this paper, a kind of core–shell structured microspheres (MPs) consisting of outer-shell hydrogenated anatase TiO₂ (H-A-TiO₂) and inner-core magnetic Ni MPs were prepared successfully using a simple method. Experimental results revealed the as-prepared hydrogenated anatase TiO₂@Ni (H-A-TiO₂@Ni) composite exhibited enhanced microwave absorption property, when compared to pristine anatase TiO₂@Ni (A-TiO₂@Ni). (1) The minimum reflection loss (RL) of the H-A-TiO₂@Ni/wax composite reached −64.2 dB at a thickness of 2 mm, indicating a large absorption efficiency over 99.99%. (2) The H-A-TiO₂@Ni showed an effective microwave absorption bandwidth (RL < −20 dB) in a range from 2.2 to 11 GHz. Due to the introduction of core–shell media, coating Ni microspheres with H-A-TiO₂ shells not only will be beneficial for impedance matching behavior but also improve the electromagnetic synergistic effects. This study provides a new application area of hydrogenated TiO₂ materials as an efficiency energy absorber and opens up a new pathway for design of efficient microwave-absorbing materials.