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Comparison of methane production potential, biodegradability, and kinetics of different organic substrates

Li, Yeqing, Zhang, Ruihong, Liu, Guangqing, Chen, Chang, He, Yanfeng, Liu, Xiaoying
Bioresource technology 2013 v.149 pp. 565-569
anaerobic digestion, biodegradability, biomass, databases, energy density, feedstocks, lignin, methane, methane production, wastes
The methane production potential, biodegradability, and kinetics of a wide range of organic substrates were determined using a unified and simple method. Results showed that feedstocks that contained high energy density and easily degradable substrates exhibited high methane production potential and biodegradability. Lignocellulosic biomass with high content of fibrous compositions had low methane yield and biodegradability. Feedstocks with high lignin content (⩾15%, on a TS basis) had low first-order rate constant (0.05–0.06 1/d) compared to others. A negative linear correlation between lignin content and experimental methane yield (or biodegradability) was found for lignocellulosic and manure wastes. This could be used as a fast method to predict the methane production potential and biodegradability of fiber-rich substrates. The findings of this study provided a database for the conversion efficiency of different organic substrates and might be useful for applications of biomethane potential assay and anaerobic digestion in the future.