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Building a consumer market for ethanol-methanol cooking fuel in Lagos, Nigeria

Ozier, Alicia, Charron, Dana, Chung, Sarah, Sarma, Vivek, Dutta, Anindita, Jagoe, Kirstie, Obueh, Joe, Stokes, Harry, Munangagwa, Chidochashe L., Johnson, Michael, Olopade, Christopher O.
Energy for sustainable development 2018
children, cooking, ethanol, fuels, heaters, households, markets, methanol, mothers, pregnancy outcome, pregnant women, prices, sales, willingness to pay, Nigeria
A recently completed randomized controlled study in Nigeria that transitioned pregnant women from traditional fuels to ethanol in their cook stoves demonstrated improved pregnancy outcomes in mothers and children. We subsequently conducted a pilot study of 30 households in Lagos, Nigeria, to determine the acceptability of blended ethanol/methanol as cooking fuel and willingness to pay for the CleanCook stove. A third of the pilot participants expressed a willingness to purchase the stove for the minimum price of 42 USD or more. Fuel sales data suggest sustained, but non-exclusive, use of the CleanCook stove. These results will influence the final design and implementation of a planned 2500 stove commercial pilot that is scheduled to start in Nigeria in August 2018.