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Multiplex navigation of global regulatory networks (MINR) in yeast for improved ethanol tolerance and production

Liu, Rongming, Liang, Liya, Choudhury, Alaksh, Garst, Andrew D., Eckert, Carrie A., Oh, Eun Joong, Winkler, James, Gill, Ryan T.
Metabolic engineering 2019 v.51 pp. 50-58
diploidy, ethanol, gene expression, glucose tolerance, mutants, mutation, phenotype, regulator genes, synthetic biology, yeasts
Multiplex navigation of global regulatory networks (MINR) is an approach for combinatorially reprogramming gene expression to manipulate complex phenotypes. We designed, constructed, and mapped MINR libraries containing 43,020 specific mutations in 25 regulatory genes expected to perturb the yeast regulatory network. We selected growth competition experiments for library mutants conferring increased ethanol and/or glucose tolerance. We identified specific mutants that not only possessed improved ethanol and/or glucose tolerance but also produced ethanol at concentrations up to 2-fold higher than those produced by the wild-type strain. We further determined that mutations increasing ethanol tolerance were transferable to a diploid industrial yeast strain. The facile construction and mapping of 43,020 designer regulatory mutations provide a roadmap for how to access and engineer complex phenotypes in future synthetic biology and broader efforts.