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Diffuse light affects the contents of vitamin C, phenolic compounds and free amino acids in lettuce plants

Riga, Patrick, Benedicto, Leyre, Gil-Izquierdo, Ángel, Collado-González, Jacinta, Ferreres, Federico, Medina, Sonia
Food chemistry 2019 v.272 pp. 227-234
ascorbic acid, free amino acids, leaves, lettuce, phenolic compounds, solar radiation, summer
Enhancement of the diffuse solar radiation to which lettuce plants were exposed clearly affected the vitamin C content and the quantitative and qualitative patterns of phenolic compounds and free amino acids (AA) in the leaves. Although the enhanced level of diffuse light was detrimental to the contents of vitamin C and total phenolic compounds, lowering them by 10–46% and 8–11%, respectively, the content of di-caffeoyltartaric acid increased from 0.26 ± 0.19 to 0.52 ± 0.10 μmol 100 g−1 f.w. for plants harvested in summer. The effect of diffuse light on AA depended on the total amount of global radiation incident on the plants. Considering the lowest amount of global radiation, the enhanced diffuse light increased the AA content from 766 ± 89 to 849 ± 90 μmol 100 g−1 f.w. By contrast, under the highest level of global radiation, diffuse light decreased the amount of AA from 990 ± 16 to 830 ± 76 μmol 100 g−1 f.w.