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Validated ejector model for hybrid system applications

Ferrari, M.L., Pascenti, M., Massardo, A.F.
Energy 2018 v.162 pp. 1106-1114
fuel cells, fuels, model validation, models, temperature
The aim of this work is the presentation of a new model for ejector performance calculation using a commercial tool. Due to the critical issues in recirculation performance, special attention is devoted to applications in hybrid systems based on high temperature fuel cells. The theoretical activity is supported by an experimental rig able to operate tests on ejectors at different operative conditions, with a layout similar to the fuel cell anodic recirculation. The model validation, operated considering experimental data obtained with this rig, is essential to evaluate the tool performance for design and off-design calculations. This aspect is particularly critical due to important limitations in the recirculation ratio (especially for the anodic side), to avoid unacceptable operative conditions in the fuel cells.The results presented in this work were obtained with this validated model for an ejector applied on the anodic side of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC). A parametric analysis was carried out to show the effects of several parameters on the recirculation performance. The fully independent analysis of the influence of different properties (carried out with a specifically validated model) is an important innovative result for the application of such ejectors on high temperature fuel cells.