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Genome-wide patterns of copy number variations in Spodoptera litura

Gong, Jiao, Cheng, Tingcai, Wu, Yuqian, Yang, Xi, Feng, Qili, Mita, Kazuei
Genomics 2018
Spodoptera litura, copy number variation, genes, pests, sequence analysis, single nucleotide polymorphism, China, India, Japan
Spodoptera litura is a polyphagous pest and can feed on >100 species of plants, causing great damage to agricultural production. The SNP results showed that there were gene exchanges between different regions. To explore the variations of larger segments in S. litura genome, we used genome resequencing samples from 14 regions of China, India, and Japan to study the copy number variations (CNVs). We identified 3976 CNV events and 1581 unique copy number variation regions (CNVRs) occupying the 108.5 Mb genome of S. litura. A total of 5527 genes that overlapped with CNVRs were detected. Selection signal analysis identified 19 shared CNVRs and 105 group-specific CNVRs, whose related genes were involved in various biological processes in S. litura. We constructed the first CNVs map in S. litura genome, and our findings will be valuable for understanding the genomic variations and population differences of S. litura.