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A bibliometric analysis of climate change adaptation based on massive research literature data

Wang, Zhaohua, Zhao, Yuandong, Wang, Bo
Journal of cleaner production 2018 v.199 pp. 1072-1082
bibliometric analysis, climate change, data collection, databases, ecosystems, socioeconomics, Canada, United States
To clarify the current situation, hotspots, and development trends, in the field of climate change adaptation, we analysed a massive literature dataset from the Web of Science database by bibliometric method. By characterising the data about each publication, the result indicate that the field of climate change adaptation has entered a stage of rapid development. The USA occupies a leading position in terms of comprehensive strength with the largest publications output as well as a greater influence therewith. The most productive journal, author, and institution are Climatic Change, Ford JD from Canada, and The Chinese Academy of Science, respectively. Collaboration in this field continues to strengthen, but the growth rates at national levels are relatively low. In addition, the frequency and co-occurrence analysis of keywords reveals ten important research topics: climate change, adaptation, vulnerability, ecosystem, socio-economic system, agriculture, region, extreme event, mitigation, and sustainability, as the foci of climate change adaptation. “Vulnerability” is in a core position in all keywords with the strongest betweenness therein. The results of this work will help researchers clarify the current situation in climate change adaptation science but also provide guidance for future research.