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Direct infusion of nitrite into meat batter by atmospheric pressure plasma treatment

Jung, Samooel, Lee, Juri, Lim, Youbong, Choe, Wonho, Yong, Hae In, Jo, Cheorun
Innovative food science & emerging technologies 2017 v.39 pp. 113-118
atmospheric pressure, batters, cooked foods, cured meats, meat processing, mixing, nitrites, plate count, pork, sodium chloride, temperature
This study investigated the influence of direct atmospheric pressure plasma (APP) treatment on nitrite levels and physiochemical quality of meat batter during the mixing process. A compact APP system was developed for installation on top of a food mixer. Meat batter composed of pork, water and sodium chloride (80:20:1, w/w/w) was treated with APP during mixing. Plasma treatment gradually increased the temperature of meat batter over 60min from 0.2°C to 20°C. Total aerobic bacterial count of meat batter was not influenced by plasma treatment for 30min (p>0.05). The nitrite level in meat batter increased steadily with increasing plasma treatment duration (p<0.05), reaching 65.96ppm at 30min. Consequently, the CIE a*- and b*-values of cooked meat batter gradually increased and decreased, respectively, as the time of plasma treatment increased. According to the results, direct APP treatment can replace nitrite addition in cured meat processing.