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Phylodynamics of parapoxvirus genus in Mexico (2007–2011)

Velazquez-Salinas, Lauro, Ramirez-Medina, Elizabeth, Bracht, Alexa J., Hole, Kate, Brito, Barbara P., Gladue, Douglas P., Carrillo, Consuelo
Infection, genetics, and evolution 2018 v.65 pp. 12-14
Parapoxvirus, amino acids, cows, epithelium, glycoproteins, goats, phylogeny, polymerase chain reaction, sheep, Canada, Mexico, United States
In this study we report for the first time the phylodynamics of the parapoxvirus (PPV) genus in Mexico. Based on the analysis by PCR of 124 epithelial samples collected between 2007 and 2011 from naturally infected goats, sheep and cows in Mexico, we found that different PPV were present in 21 out of the 24 states sampled during this study. Our phylogenetic analysis confirmed the presence of different PPV species in Mexico, and their phylogenetic relationship with other PPV circulating in the US and Canada. Furthermore, we describe the existence of two different ORFV phylogenetic groups that are clearly host associated (sheep or goat). Evidence of directional selection at five specific amino acid residues in the enveloped glycoprotein B2L might help to support this host predilection. Collectively, the results generated in this study highlight the importance of PPV genus in Mexico and open the possibility for future studies describing with more detail the importance of this genus in North America.