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Effect of addition of flaxseed flour on phytochemical, physicochemical, nutritional, and textural properties of cookies

Kaur, Parvinder, Sharma, Poorva, Kumar, Vikas, Panghal, Anil, Kaur, Jasleen, Gat, Yogesh
Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences 2017
agricultural sciences, antioxidant activity, baking, chewiness, cohesion, color, colorimetry, cookies, flavonoids, functional foods, hardness, linseed, protein content, temperature, texture, wheat flour
Aim of present study was to estimate quantitative changes in nutraceutical properties of cookies. Refined wheat flour and raw/roasted flaxseed flour blends (100:00, 90:10, 80:20, and 70:30) were prepared and subjected for baking to prepare cookies. Effect of addition of raw/roasted flaxseed flour at different proportions on nutritional, physicochemical (weight, diameter, thickness and spread ratio) and phytochemical (total phenolic content and total flavonoids content) properties were studied. Antioxidant capacity was measured by using TEAC assay. Colour and texture measurement was undertaken with the help of HunterLab colorimeter and Texture Analyzer (TA-XT2) respectively. Refined wheat flour was found to have 4.26% protein and 0.04% fiber which were further increased to about 9.25% and 2.37% respectively after addition of raw flaxseed flour in 70:30 proportions. Baking process at higher temperature resulted in decrease in TPC and TFC while increase in antioxidant capacity. Hardness, resilience, chewiness and springiness of cookies decreased and cohesiveness, gumminess and fracturability increased with increasing amount of flaxseed flour in cookies.