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Control of parturition in swine using PGF2α in combination with carbetocin

Boonraungrod, Naritsara, Sutthiya, Nipaporn, Kumwan, Panida, Tossakui, Puriwat, Nuntapaitoon, Morakot, Muns, Ramon, Tummaruk, Padet
Livestock science 2018 v.214 pp. 1-8
birth weight, colostrum, farrowing, piglets, pregnancy, prostaglandins, sows, temperature, work schedules
Carbetocin is an oxytocin-like molecule with long-acting properties. The present study determined the efficacy of prostaglandin F2alpha (PGF2α) combined with carbetocin compared to PGF2α alone for the induction of parturition. A total of 2395 piglets born from 183 sows were included. Sows were randomly allocated into three groups: (1) control group (n = 80): sows farrowed naturally; (2) PGF group (n = 50): farrowing induced using PGF2α; and (3) carbetocin group (n = 53): farrowing induced using PGF2α and carbetocin. At day 114 of gestation, sows in the PGF and carbetocin groups were administered 2 ml of a PGF2α analogue. After 24 h, sows in the carbetocin group were injected with 0.6 µg/kg of carbetocin. Animals were monitored during the farrowing process. Farrowing duration, birth interval, rectal temperature and birth weight of the piglets were recorded. Colostrum intake of the piglets and colostrum yield of sows were estimated. The farrowing duration (274 ± 209 min) and birth interval (20.7 ± 55.8 min) did not differ among groups (P > 0.05). The percentage of sows that farrowed during working hours (0700 to 1700 h) were 51.3%, 70.0% and 98.1% in the control, PGF and carbetocin groups, respectively (P < 0.001). The proportion of stillborn piglets was 6.1%, 4.0% and 4.7% in the control, PGF and carbetocin groups, respectively (P > 0.05). The colostrum yield of sows in the carbetocin group (4050 ± 207 g) was lower than the control (4836 ± 148 g) and PGF (4896 ± 229 g) groups (P < 0.05). Farrowing induction using PGF2α in combination with carbetocin successfully concentrated farrowings during working hours but reduced colostrum intake of the piglets. Thus, it should be performed along with proper neonatal care.