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Long-term effects of NPK fertilizers and organic manures on soil organic carbon and carbon management index under a double-cropping rice system in Southern China

Tang, Haiming, Xiao, Xiaoping, Tang, Wenguang, Li, Chao, Wang, Ke, Li, Weiyan, Cheng, Kaikai, Pan, Xiaochen
Communications in soil science and plant analysis 2018 v.49 no.16 pp. 1976-1989
NPK fertilizers, Oryza sativa, animal manures, carbon sequestration, double cropping, fertilizer application, grain yield, long term effects, long term experiments, mineral fertilizers, organic matter, paddies, rice, rice straw, soil density, soil organic carbon, soil quality, China
The effects of manure and chemical fertilizer on soil bulk density, soil organic carbon (SOC), and the role of carbon management index (CMI) in soil quality evaluation were studied under a double-cropping rice system in a long-term experiment. The experiment included five fertilizer treatments: without fertilizer input (CK), chemical fertilizer alone (MF), rice straw residue plus chemical fertilizer (RF), 30% organic matter plus 70% chemical fertilizer (LOM), and 60% organic matter plus 40% chemical fertilizer (HOM). RF, LOM, HOM treatments increased SOC content relative to MF treatment in the paddy fields at 0–20 cm. RF, LOM, HOM treatments were more effective for increasing CMI, lability index, lability of C, and SOC stocks, as compared with MF treatment. Based on rice grain yield and carbon storage, integrated fertilization of chemical fertilizer and organic manure proved to be the most effective practices for improving crop productivity and SOC sequestration.