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Specific approach for membrane fouling control and better treatment performance of an anaerobic submerged membrane bioreactor

Liu, Yingnan, Zhang, Xinbo, Hao Ngo, Huu, Guo, Wenshan, Wen, Haitao, Deng, Lijuan, Li, Yajing, Guo, Jianbo
Bioresource technology 2018 v.268 pp. 658-664
fouling, membrane bioreactors, mixing, nitrogen
This paper investigated a strategy to minimize membrane fouling and increase treatment efficiency through an investigation of a specific approach by adding sponges into a conventional submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor (CAnSMBR). During the operation, the protein-based soluble microbial products as the main factor affecting the membrane fouling could be reduced by sponge addition in the CAnSMBR (SAnSMBR). Furthermore, reducing HRT from 18 h to 12 h could shorten the membrane fouling cycle to 62% and 87% in CAnSMBR and SAnSMBR, respectively. At the initial of COD/NO3 ratio ranges from 5 to 4, only 88% of nitrogen in CAnSMBR was removed, while the SAnSMBR could remove more than 90%. TOC removal efficiency could reach more than 95% under a good stirring scenario. It is evident that the SAnSMBR is a promising solution for improving overall CAnSMBR performance and substantially mitigating membrane fouling.