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Advanced membrane bioreactors systems: New materials and hybrid process design

Qin, Lei, Zhang, Yufan, Xu, Zehai, Zhang, Guoliang
Bioresource technology 2018 v.269 pp. 476-488
activated sludge, bioactive properties, bioenergy, fouling, industrial wastewater treatment, membrane bioreactors, microbial activity, oxidation, process design, research and development
Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is deemed as one of the most powerful technologies for efficient municipal and industrial wastewater treatment around the world. However, low microbial activity of activated sludge and serious membrane fouling still remain big challenges in worldwide application of MBR technology. Nowadays, more and more progresses on the research and development of advanced MBR with new materials and hybrid process are just on the way. In this paper, an overview on the perspective of high efficient strains applied into MBR for biological activity enhancement and fouling reduction is provided first. Secondly, as emerging fouling control strategy, design and fabrication of novel anti-fouling composited membranes are comprehensively highlighted. Meanwhile, hybrid MBR systems integrated with some novel dynamic membrane modules and/or with other technologies like advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) are introduced and compared. Finally, the challenges and opportunities of advanced MBRs combined with bioenergy production in wastewater treatment are discussed.