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A novel integrated thiosulfate-driven denitritation (TDD) and anaerobic ammonia oxidation (anammox) process for biological nitrogen removal

Qian, Jin, Zhang, Mingkuan, Pei, Xiangjun, Zhang, Zhen, Niu, Juntao, Liu, Yu
Biochemical engineering journal 2018
anaerobic ammonium oxidation, greenhouse gas emissions, nitrates, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, sludge, temperature, thiosulfates
An integrated system by combining the thiosulfate-driven denitritation (TDD) and anaerobic ammonia oxidation (anammox) was established for high-rate biological nitrogen removal (BNR) and less N2O generation under 35 °C The anammox contribute to 27% nitrogen removal in the system. The anammox activity was enhanced by four times as temperature increased from 20 to 35 °C. The less N2O emission at 35 °C compared with that at 20 °C is attributed to the involvement of anammox (characterized as no N2O generation) function rather than higher N2O reducing rate under the thermophilic condition. The produced NO3- in anammox can be readily reduced by thiosulfate. The results of this study could enlighten us how to induce a high nitrogen degradation activity with lower sludge yield, in the meanwhile to minimize the greenhouse gas emission and the nitrogenous residues in the BNR process.