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Mechanized technologies for scaffolding cultivation in the kiwifruit industry: A review

Mu, Longtao, Liu, Haozhou, Cui, Yongjie, Fu, Longsheng, Gejima, Yoshinori
Information processing in agriculture 2018 v.5 no.4 pp. 401-410
commercialization, economic structure, fruits, harvesting, industrialization, industry, kiwifruit, markets, mechanization, pollination, precision agriculture, processing technology, robots, Chile, China, Italy, New Zealand
The success of organic and green agricultural fruit production depends on quality and cost. As the kiwifruit industry becomes ever more commercialized, it is in the interests of the industry to mechanize production, which can promote industrialization and improve industrial value and market prospects. Currently, New Zealand, Italy, Chile, and China carry out research into the mechanism of kiwifruit production. This review describes in detail the current state of the art of pollination, harvesting and grading equipment, including detection and identification, non-destructive end effector, harvesting robots and grading devices. Process technologies that include artificial pollination, harvest mechanization, grading and standardization of production problems are analysed and compared. These problems directly affect the quality of kiwifruit products. Finally, to solve the various problems that the kiwifruit industry experiences, it is necessary to accelerate the development of mechanized kiwifruit production, realize the mechanization of information acquisition and standardization in order to advance precision agriculture and agricultural wisdom for the future. Mechanization of the kiwifruit industry must adapt to adjustments in how China’s economic structure develops.