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Advances of electro-freezing in food processing

Jha, Piyush Kumar, Xanthakis, Epameinondas, Jury, Vanessa, Havet, Michel, Le-Bail, Alain
Current opinion in food science 2018 v.23 pp. 85-89
air, ambient temperature, electric field, energy, energy conservation, food processing, freezing, heat transfer, product quality, thawing
Food freezing is a complex process, involving heat transfer and a series of physical and chemical changes which may profoundly affect the product quality. Several novel freezing methods have been developed in recent times taking into account the energy saving and/or quality preservation to a greater extent upon thawing. Electro-freezing technique, especially electric field assisted freezing is gaining momentum among them; it offers less energy intensive freezing conditions (higher set point ambient temperature, lower air velocity), and allows better quality retention. In the present short review article, a focused overview of the main findings and the latest studies regarding the applications of electro-freezing in food is given.