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A surrogate-based simulation–optimization approach application to parameters’ identification for the HydroGeoSphere model

An, Yongkai, Lu, Wenxi, Yan, Xueman
Environmental earth sciences 2018 v.77 no.17 pp. 621
data collection, groundwater flow, hydraulic conductivity, kriging, porosity, prediction, simulation models, socioeconomic development, surface water, water shortages
A systematic approach is needed to use water more productively, because water shortages limit socio-economic development in many parts of the world. The aim of this paper is to establish a surrogate-based simulation–optimization approach to identify parameter values for a fully integrated surface water and groundwater flow coupling simulation. A surface water and groundwater flow coupling simulation model was implemented using HydroGeoSphere (HGS) model and the parameter sensitivities in the model were analyzed using local sensitivity analysis method. The parameters that exerted a large influence on the output results of the HGS model were then selected as stochastic variables, and the stochastic variable data sets were generated using the latin hypercube sampling (LHS) method, which, thereby, were used as inputs in HGS model to obtain the corresponding outputs. On the basis of input and output data sets, a kriging surrogate model of the HGS model was then established and verified, and parameter values of HGS model were identified using a surrogate-based simulation–optimization approach. The results of this study show that parameters that exert a large influence on the simulation output results include hydraulic conductivity, porosity, the van genuchten parameter ([Formula: see text]), and channel manning coefficient. The established kriging surrogate model is an ideal alternative to the HGS model for simulating and predicting, while optimal parameter values can be identified effectively and accurately using the established approach. The results of this research reveal that huge computational loads can be mitigated while using the kriging surrogate as an alternative for a simulation model in the solution process of optimization model.