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Hydropower and fish – Report and messages from workshop on research and innovation in the context of the European policy framework

Schleker, Thomas, Fjeldstad, Hans-Petter
The Science of the total environment 2019 v.647 pp. 1368-1372
ecology, fish, fish production, information exchange, issues and policy, monitoring, renewable electricity, rivers, water power
Hydropower is the world's largest renewable electricity source and will have an important role in the future energy system with increased requirements to integrate environmental and socioeconomic aspects of sustainability. One important field of interaction is between hydropower and fish. The aim of optimizing hydropower production as well as fish production via Research and Innovation in the context of the European policy framework was the topic of the workshop “Hydropower and Fish – Research and Innovation in the context of the European Policy Framework” organized in May 2017 in Brussels. This paper reports the main messages from the workshop sessions including future research needs, collaboration strategies and knowledge exchange. In particular, the workshop emphasized the need for standardized monitoring and mitigation approaches and of following a balanced approach in addressing challenges between renewable energy production and river and fish ecology. Future research in the area is needed. As perspective and primer for future discussions, the interrelations of hydropower and fish to the different spheres of the total environment are presented and discussed.