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Aerial coverage optimization in precision agriculture management: A musical harmony inspired approach

Valente, João, Del Cerro, Jaime, Barrientos, Antonio, Sanz, David
Computers and electronics in agriculture 2013 v.99 pp. 153-159
planning, algorithms, precision agriculture
The coverage path planning (CPP) problem belongs to a sub-field of motion planning where the goal is to compute a complete coverage trajectory from initial to final position, within the robot workspace subjected to a set of restrictions. This problem has a complexity NP-complete, and has no general solution. Moreover, there are very few studies addressing this problem applied to aerial vehicles. Previous studies point out that the variable of interest to be optimized is the number of turns. Thus, by minimizing the number of turns, it can be ensured that the mission time is likewise minimized. In this paper, an approach to optimize this cost variable is proposed. This approach uses a quite novel algorithm called Harmony Search (HS). HS is a meta-heuristic algorithm based on jazz musician’s improvisation through a pleasant harmony. Finally, the results achieved with this technique are compared with the results obtained with the previous approach found in the literature.