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Efficacy of two formulations of afoxolaner (NexGard® and NexGard Spectra®) for the treatment of generalised demodicosis in dogs, in veterinary dermatology referral centers in Europe

Lebon, Wilfried, Beccati, Massimo, Bourdeau, Patrick, Brement, Thomas, Bruet, Vincent, Cekiera, Agnieszka, Crosaz, Odile, Darmon, Céline, Guillot, Jacques, Mosca, Marion, Pin, Didier, Popiel, Jaroslaw, Pomorska Handwerker, Dorota, Larsen, Diane, Tielemans, Eric, Beugnet, Frédéric, Halos, Lénaïg
Parasites & vectors 2018 v.11 no.1 pp. 506
Demodex canis, clinical examination, demodicosis, dogs, field experimentation, mites, pruritus, skin lesions, veterinary medicine, France, Italy, Poland
BACKGROUND: A multi-centre field trial was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of afoxolaner based chewables (NexGard® or NexGard Spectra®) for the treatment of generalised demodicosis caused by Demodex canis in dogs under field conditions in France, Italy and Poland. METHODS: Client-owned dogs, diagnosed positive for Demodex mites by pre-treatment skin scrapings and presenting clinical signs of generalised demodicosis were included. Dogs were orally treated with afoxolaner three times at monthly intervals. Of the 50 dogs enrolled, 48 completed the whole study. Efficacy of the treatments was assessed monthly by Demodex mite counts and physical examination with special regard to the severity and extension of skin lesions. RESULTS: Treatments were well tolerated in all dogs and resulted in a rapid reduction of mites, with all post-treatment mite counts significantly lower than baseline. The number of mites was reduced by 87.6%, 96.5% and 98.1% on Days 28, 56 and 84, respectively. In addition, the skin lesion severity and extent scores as well as the pruritus were all significantly lower at all post-treatment visits compared to the pre-treatment assessment. CONCLUSIONS: This clinical field study demonstrated that monthly administrations of afoxolaner in NexGard® or NexGard Spectra®, offered a convenient and reliable solution for the treatment of canine generalised demodicosis.