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The effect of the size of food containers on the selecting behavior of college students

Lin, Ju-Yun, Fang, Wen-Chang
Physiology & behavior 2019 v.200 pp. 111-115
beverages, college students, containers, females, males
The effect of container size of food and drinks as well as the effect of the variety of drinks on the selecting behaviors of male and female undergraduates were investigated in this research by manipulating the sizes of plates and glasses. The findings suggest that male students tended to choose smaller plates and preferred tall slender glasses that appeared to contain a greater volume of beverage compared to short wide glasses. In contrast, female students focused more on the quality of the food that they were interested in or attracted to rather than the quantity of food. Moreover, the findings showed that plates with or without a concentric circle have no influence on the selecting behaviors of male and female college students. Thus, male and female undergraduates have different selecting behaviors, and the effect of food container size showed distinct impacts on them.