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Impact of exogenous pyridoxin treatments of ‘Williams’ banana on the activities of starch degrading enzymes

Lo’ay, A.A., EL-Khateeb, A.Y.
Scientia horticulturae 2019 v.243 pp. 48-54
air, alpha-amylase, ambient temperature, bananas, beta-fructofuranosidase, catalysts, chemical analysis, chlorophyll, color, fruit peels, fruit quality, fruits, humidity, phenol, phosphorylase, physicochemical properties, pyridoxine, ripening, shelf life, starch, storage temperature, sugar content, sugars
Pyridoxine activates many different enzymes in the plant cell and it contributes to many various physiological processes. It has been examined for stimulating and enhancing banana fruit 'Williams' (Giant Cavendish AAA sub-gathering) during12 days of the shelf life. Many different concentrations of vitamin B6 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 mM have been applied to bananas for 30 min. Thereafter, fruit stored at room temperature (25 ± 1oC and air humidity average 56 ± 2%) for twelve days. Fruit samples were selected each 3-day intervals. The physical and chemical analysis was determined to evaluate fruit ripening quality elements. The physical quality attributes of fruit were measured (brown skin spot index and color hue angle). Additionally, the chemical properties determinations were investigated such as starch content and starch catalyst breakdown activities, for example, a-amylase (AMY; EC:, phosphorylase (PHO; EC:, and invertase (INV; EC: The sugar profile (reducing, non-reducing, and total sugar content) was estimated. In term of fruit quality parameter, peel fruit firmness, degradation of chlorophyll, and ß-carotene content were measured during the shelf life period. Pyridoxine treatment at 9 mM gives a higher starch breakdown and total soluble sugars. Moreover, increasing the ß-carotene content of fruit peel which reflects on the color hue angle of fruit. While the decreases in both total chlorophyll and phenol content were observed after treating by Vit. B6 during the shelf-life period. Also, fruit presented a normal ripening proprieties and less ripening fruit spotting index under moderate browning symptoms index 12th day. It was concluded that pyridoxine application at 9 mM has generative effects on fruit ripening and optimize the quality of ‘Williams’ banana at room temperature to normal ripening.