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Current status of emerging food processing technologies in Latin America: Novel thermal processing

Moreno-Vilet, L., Hernández-Hernández, H.M., Villanueva-Rodríguez, S.J.
Innovative food science & emerging technologies 2018 v.50 pp. 196-206
food processing, heat treatment, industrialization, Latin America, United States
This review aims to describe the basic principles and applications of novel thermal technologies focusing on studies in Latin American countries with respect to those worldwide to define the current needs in research. Definitions, technical characteristics, mechanisms of bacterial inactivation, and potential applications are described, as well as the current status of these technologies and their main challenges for industrialisation. The research advances, as evidenced by the number of publications in international journals, are reviewed with special focus on publications from Latin America. The research on novel thermal emerging technologies for food processing is widely dominated by the USA. In Latin America, this research area is much smaller; however, a vast array of possible applications exists considering the diversity of products in the region, which has not yet been explored.