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Centimeter-Scale Periodically Corrugated Few-Layer 2D MoS2 with Tensile Stretch-Driven Tunable Multifunctionalities

Okogbue, Emmanuel, Kim, Jung Han, Ko, Tae-Jun, Chung, Hee-Suk, Krishnaprasad, Adithi, Flores, Jean Calderon, Nehate, Shraddha, Kaium, Md Golam, Park, Jong Bae, Lee, Sei-Jin, Sundaram, Kalpathy B., Zhai, Lei, Roy, Tania, Jung, Yeonwoong
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2018 v.10 no.36 pp. 30623-30630
absorbance, deformation, electrical conductivity, engineering, materials science, molybdenum disulfide, wettability
Two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) layers exhibit superior optical, electrical, and structural properties unattainable in any traditional materials. Many of these properties are known to be controllable via external mechanical inputs, benefiting from their extremely small thickness coupled with large in-plane strain limits. However, realization of such mechanically driven tunability often demands highly complicated engineering of 2D TMD layer structures, which is difficult to achieve on a large wafer scale in a controlled manner. Herein, we explore centimeter-scale periodically corrugated 2D TMDs, particularly 2D molybdenum disulfide (MoS₂), and report their mechanically tunable multifunctionalities. We developed a water-assisted process to homogeneously integrate few layers of 2D MoS₂ on three-dimensionally corrugated elastomeric substrates on a large area (>2 cm²). The evolution of electrical, optical, and structural properties in these three-dimensionally corrugated 2D MoS₂ layers was systematically studied under controlled tensile stretch. We identified that they present excellent electrical conductivity and photoresponsiveness as well as systematically tunable surface wettability and optical absorbance even under significant mechanical deformation. These novel three-dimensionally structured 2D materials are believed to offer exciting opportunities for large-scale, mechanically deformable devices of various form factors and unprecedented multifunctionalities.