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Hydrometra in dairy goats: Ultrasonic variables and therapeutic protocols evaluated during the reproductive season

Maia, A.L.R.S., Brandão, F.Z., Souza-Fabjan, J.M.G., Veiga, M.O., Balaro, M.F.A., Siqueira, L.G.B., Facó, O., Fonseca, J.F.
Animal reproduction science 2018 v.197 pp. 203-211
Saanen, breeding season, corpus luteum, dairy goats, drainage, females, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, pregnancy rate, protocols, sodium chloride, therapeutics, ultrasonics, ultrasonography, uterus
Hydrometra is characterized by the accumulation of fluid within the uterus due to the persistence of corpus luteum. The diagnosis of this disorder occurs with an ultrasonic exam. This study evaluated uterine drainage and fertility rates in goats after the use of d-cloprostenol in association or not with Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) treatment. Twenty Saanen goats, diagnosed with hydrometra, received three 37.5-μg doses of d-cloprostenol laterovulvarly at 10-day intervals. On D5, the goats were assigned into two groups receiving 1 mL of GnRH or saline solution intramuscularly. Ultrasonography (US) was performed from D0 to D25. An US approach was used to rank hydrometra in scores. The pregnancy rate was assessed 45 and 90 days after the end of treatment. The uterine fluid was totally drained after the first and second administration of d-cloprostenol in 50% and 95% of the goats, respectively. In one female, full emptying of the uterus occurred only after D20. US performed at 45 and 90 days after the end of treatment indicated there was a pregnancy rate of 45.0% and 55.0%, respectively. Fertility did not differ between the GnRH-treated and control goats. Those goats not pregnant at 45 days had a follicular cyst, hydrosalpinx or hydrometra. At 90 days, no change was observed in the hydrosalpinx, and four goats had hydrometra. The use of three doses of d-cloprostenol 10 days apart was efficient for induction of draining the contents of the uterus, resulting in a relatively acceptable pregnancy rate. This treatment associated with the US approach can be important when applied in the field.