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Bifunctional magnetic nanoparticles for efficient cholesterol detection and elimination via host-guest chemistry in real samples

Li, Jingying, Liu, Tong, Liu, Shuya, Li, Juan, Huang, Guoming, Yang, Huang-Hao
Biosensors & bioelectronics 2018 v.120 pp. 137-143
biosensors, chemistry, cholesterol, detection limit, homeostasis, humans, magnetic separation, magnetism, nanoparticles
Cholesterol is an essential compound for maintaining cellular homeostasis and human healthy. Sensitive detection of cholesterol and efficient elimination of excess cholesterol have become the essential manipulations in clinical diagnosis and health management. To date, it is still quite challenging that cholesterol detection and elimination tasks are carried out simultaneously. In this study, bifunctional magnetic nanoparticles (Fe3O4@PDA-PBA-CD) are designed and fabricated to overcome this difficulty. Taking advantages of competitive host-guest interaction and magnetic separation, highly efficient, reusable and simultaneous cholesterol detection and elimination can be achieved. The limit of detection is determined to be 4.3 nM, which is comparable or even lower than existing methods. The distinguished performance may attribute to the high loading efficiency and magnetic enrichment of nanoparticles. Besides, this efficient strategy is resistant to interfering substances, thus realizing sensitive cholesterol detection in real sample. Simultaneously, the bifunctional magnetic nanoparticles also have up to 95% cholesterol elimination efficiency, which is higher than previous reported methods. Furthermore, the nanoparticles are turned out to be reusable within 5 times without noticeable loss in cholesterol elimination efficiency. Therefore, the bifunctional magnetic nanoparticles fabricated here could hold great potential for simultaneous cholesterol detection and elimination in practical applications.