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Enhancement of CO2 transfer and microalgae growth by perforated inverted arc trough internals in a flat-plate photobioreactor

Xia, Ao, Hu, Ziming, Liao, Qiang, Huang, Yun, Zhu, Xun, Ye, Wenfan, Sun, Yahui
Bioresource technology 2018 v.269 pp. 292-299
aeration, biomass, carbon dioxide enrichment, carbon dioxide fixation, culture media, dissolved carbon dioxide, microalgae, mixing, photobioreactors
Flat-plate photobioreactor (PBR) with perforated inverted arc trough (PIAT) internals was proposed to promote CO2 bio-fixation by microalgae. The PIAT internals can enhance CO2 transfer from gas to culture medium by prolonging CO2 gas–liquid contact time and generate periodic aeration in the suspension upper side the PIAT providing suspension mixing. Experimental results showed gas–liquid contact time was prolonged from 0.448 s to 256 s and the CO2 partial pressure inside the PIAT internals was about 15.5 kPa during microalgae cultivation. Consequently, the dissolved CO2 concentration in the microalgae suspension of the proposed PBR was increased by 26.0% compared to that in the PBR without PIAT internals when 15% CO2 (v/v) was aerated at a rate of 15 mL min−1. The elevated CO2 transfer contributed to a 20.9% increment in biomass concentration (3.35 g L−1) and a 26.2% increment in CO2 fixation rate (36.6 mg L−1 h−1).