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High prevalence and intensity of Stephanurus dentatus in a population of wild boar (Sus scrofa) in south western Spain

Moratal, S., Ruíz de Ybáñez, R., Barroso, P., Granados, J.E., Höfle, U., Martínez-Carrasco, C., Acevedo, P., Vicente, J.
The veterinary journal 2018 v.240 pp. 47-49
Stephanurus dentatus, Sus scrofa, adults, epidemiology, females, juveniles, males, mountains, national parks, parasites, wild boars, Spain
In the period from October 2016 to February 2017, the urinary tracts of 390 wild boar (Sus scrofa) from four areas of south central Spain (102 from Doñana National Park; 150 from Sierra Morena and the Toledo Mountains; 84 from Sierra Nevada; 54 from Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park) were examined for the presence of adult specimens of Stephanurus dentatus (Nematoda: Strongyloidea). This parasite was only detected in the wild boar population of Doñana National Park, with high prevalence (76.5±4.2%; 78/102), mean intensity (43.2±4.4) and mean abundance (33.1±3.8). Juvenile wild boar had significantly lower prevalence and abundance than subadult and adult wild boar. The intensity of infestation was significantly higher in male than in female wild boar. The detection of a focus of S. dentatus infestation in the wild boar population in Doñana National Park will provide further opportunities for understanding the epidemiology of this parasite.