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Characterization of the loss-of-function mutant NH101 for yield under phosphate deficiency from EMS-induced mutants of rice variety Nagina22

Yugandhar, Poli, Sun, Yafei, Liu, Lu, Negi, Manisha, Nallamothu, Veronica, Sun, Shubin, Neelamraju, Sarla, Rai, Vandna, Jain, Ajay
Plant physiology and biochemistry 2018 v.130 pp. 1-13
adventitious roots, agronomic traits, antioxidants, genes, grain yield, homeostasis, hydroponics, loss-of-function mutation, mutants, panicles, peroxidase, phosphates, rice, screening, soil, spikelets, superoxide dismutase, tillers
In earlier studies at IIRR, Hyderabad, screening of ∼2000 EMS mutants of the rice variety Nagina22 (N22) resulted in the identification of 11 loss-of-function mutants with zero grain yield in Pi-deprived soil under field condition. Among these mutants, NH101 was selected for comparative analyses with N22 for various morphophysiological and/or molecular traits during growth in a hydroponic system (7 d) and in a pot soil (50% flowering) under different Pi regime. The total length of the seminal and adventitious roots, agronomic traits (panicle length and unfilled spikelet/panicle), activities of the antioxidant enzymes (SOD, POD, and APX), and the relative expression levels of the genes involved in the maintenance of Pi homeostasis (MPH) i.e., OsPHR2, SPX1/2 OsPT4, 6, and 8 showed significant increase in the Pi-deprived mutant compared with N22. Whereas, some of the traits showed significant reduction in NH101 than N22 such as number of tillers and filled spikelets/panicle, yield, contents of Pi and externally secreted APase, activity of CAT, and the relative expression levels of MPH genes i.e., OsmiR399a, OsPHO1;2, OsIPS1, OsPAP10a, OsPT2, 9, and 10. The study highlighted wide spectrum differential effects of the mutation in NH101 on various traits that play important roles governing the maintenance of Pi homeostasis. This mutant thus provides a rich repository of genetic material amenable for the identification of the genes that are pivotal for Pi use efficiency.