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Prise en charge diététique du sujet obèse à l’hôpital : quels régimes ?

Guex, Esther, Kouadio, Anne, Fierz, Yvonne, Coti Bertrand, Pauline
Nutrition clinique et métabolisme 2018
diet therapy, dietary supplements, hospitals, lean body mass, nutrient requirements, obesity, patients, protein intake, surgery
At hospital, nutritional intakes of obese patients are often not covering their nutritional needs. The aim of nutrition support is to maintain the lean body mass, since lean body mass loss may be faster in obese than in non-obese patients. Nutrition support must be adapted to the disease, and particularly to the presence or not of metabolic stress (GI surgery, acute diseases, critical illness…). In all cases, protein intakes are important to consider. As a primary nutrition therapy, food adaptation with frequent and enriched meals, and oral nutritional supplements (ONS), are indicated. In case of morbid obesity, a multidisciplinary systematic approach involving a specialized team in obesity management is pivotal to ensure adequate nutritional care.