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What are you?: pragmatic, self-confident, #hashtag or a vital senior? Using marketing to curb alcoholism and encourage healthy consumption!

Hernandez-Fernandez, Asuncion, Vila Lopez, Natalia, Kuster Boluda, Ines, Rodríguez Santos, Carmen
Journal of food products marketing 2018 v.24 no.7 pp. 880-905
alcohol abuse, alcohol drinking, alcoholic beverages, alcohols, business enterprises, environmental factors, government and administration, industry, marketing, mortality, multivariate analysis
From a public administration approach, alcohol consumption is responsible for 3.8% of overall mortality. From a private approach, companies in the alcohol industry are faced with increasing competition, which forces them to focus their business more while promoting responsible consumption. In this scene, an empirical investigation was carried out to determine the individual and environmental factors with most impact on alcohol consumption in the Spanish market. 1031 valid responses were obtained. Using multivariate techniques, four different consumer groups of highly alcoholic vs. slightly alcoholic beverages were identified: Pragmatic group; Self-confident group; #hashtag group and Vital Seniors group. Based on the variables (individual and environmental) that significantly define each cluster, two groups of managerial implications were stated: (i) four to recommend private managers how to reach each cluster of alcohol consumers; (ii) three to recommend public authorities how to deal with the most problematic areas (curb alcoholism & encourage healthy consumption).