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Multi-functional application of oil-infused slippery Al surface: from anti-icing to corrosion resistance

Sun, Jing, Wang, Cong, Song, Jinlong, Huang, Liu, Sun, Yankui, Liu, Ziai, Zhao, Changlin, Li, Yuxiang
Journal of materials science 2018 v.53 no.23 pp. 16099-16109
aluminum, aluminum oxide, corrosion, electrochemistry, energy, freezing, oils, rain, silicone, sodium chloride
Slippery liquid-infused porous surface (SLIPS) inspired by Nepenthes pitcher has attracted considerable attention owing to its great potential applications in icy or corrosive conditions. However, observing both anti-icing property and corrosion resistance of SLIPS has rarely reported before. In this paper, a simple approach was proposed to prepare SLIPS to protect metal from freezing rain and corrosion. The Al substrate was first electrochemically etched and anodized to construct hierarchical porous structures composed of AlOOH and Al₂O₃. After lowering the surface energy and infusing silicone oil, the SLIPS was obtained showing a water roll-off angle of 3°, which could exclude almost all liquids at an inclining angle of 5°. Comparative tests including freezing rain and corrosion in NaCl solution, were conducted on bare Al and prepared oil-infused slippery surface, demonstrating the excellent anti-icing and corrosion resistance properties of our SLIPS. Additionally, self-cleaning test was also successfully performed. So, this slippery Al surface with multiple outstanding properties would be useful for the anti-icing and corrosion resistance applications in extreme environment.