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Full-length sequence analysis of hepatitis E virus isolates: showing potential determinants of virus genotype and identity

Yang, Dong, Jiang, Mei, Jin, Min, Qiu, Zhigang, Cui, Weihong, Shen, Zhiqiang, Li, Bo, Gong, Lianfeng, Chen, Zhaoli, Wang, Xinwei, Li, Jun-Wen
Virus genes 2013 v.47 no.3 pp. 414-421
Hepatitis E virus, amino acid motifs, amino acids, genotype, nucleotide sequences, phylogeny, sequence analysis, viruses, China
The complete genome sequence of a genotype 4 strain of hepatitis E virus (CH-YT-HEV02) from a patient (in Yantai, China) has been determined. Phylogenetic analysis showed that CH-YT-HEV02 belongs to genotype 4, subtype 4a. However, the phylogenetic analysis indicated that it was most closely related to JKO-CHiSai98C (AB197673) strain, sharing only 91.6 % sequence identity with it. Judging from the phylogenetic tree based on the full-length nucleotide sequences of all 70 genotype 4 HEV isolates retrieved from GenBank up to May, 2013, the CH-YT-HEV02 isolates could serve as a Yantai-indigenous strain. A broader comparison with other genotype isolates revealed that there are a few conserved amino acids in the HVR region of different HEV genotypes, and two amino acid motifs in ORF2 and ORF3 might serve as signatures of genotype diversity of HEV.