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Relationship Between Solvent Retention Capacity and Protein Molecular Weight Distribution, Quality Characteristics, and Breadmaking Functionality of Hard Red Spring Wheat Flour

Hammed, Ademola Monsur, Ozsisli, Bahri, Ohm, Jae-Bom, Simsek, Senay
Cereal chemistry 2015 v.92 no.5 pp. 466-474
absorption, arabinoxylan, breadmaking, breadmaking quality, correlation, cultivars, genotype, gluten, hard red spring wheat, high performance liquid chromatography, lactic acid, loaves, molecular weight, protein content, sampling, sodium carbonate, solvents, spring, starch, sucrose, volume, water, wheat flour, North Dakota
In order to investigate suitability of solvent retention capacity (SRC) test for quality assessment of hard red spring (HRS) wheat flour, ten HRS genotypes from six locations in North Dakota State were analyzed for SRC and flour and breadmaking quality characteristics. The SRC values were significantly correlated with flour chemical components (protein, gluten, starch and damaged starch except arabinoxylan), Farinograph parameters (stability, FST; water absorption; peak time, FPT; and quality number) and breadmaking parameters (water absorption, BWB; loaf volume, BLV; and symmetry). Difference in location and cultivar significantly contribute to variation in quality parameters and SRC values. Suitability of SRC test for discriminatory analysis of HRS wheat flour is greatly influenced by its high protein content. Protein molecular weight distribution (MWD) was analyzed by size-exclusion HPLC. SRC parameters also showed close associations with SDS-unextractable proteins. Specifically, high molecular weight polymeric proteins exhibited positive association with FPT, FST, BWB and BLV and all SRC parameters (except sucrose SRC). Association patterns of SDS-unextractable proteins with water SRC and sodium carbonate SRC were different from those with lactic acid and sucrose SRC. The discrepancy in association between SRC parameters and protein MWD could improve segregation of HRS wheat flour samples for quality.