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Exploitation of novel wild type solventogenic strains for butanol production

Xin, Fengxue, Yan, Wei, Zhou, Jie, Wu, Hao, Dong, Weiliang, Ma, Jiangfeng, Zhang, Wenming, Jiang, Min
Biotechnology for biofuels 2018 v.11 no.1 pp. 252
Clostridium, biobutanol, butanol, byproducts, economic feasibility, fermentation, genetic engineering, toxicity
Butanol has been regarded as an important bulk chemical and advanced biofuel; however, large scaling butanol production by solventogenic Clostridium sp. is still not economically feasible due to the high cost of substrates, low butanol titer and yield caused by the toxicity of butanol and formation of by-products. Renewed interests in biobutanol as biofuel and rapid development in genetic tools have spurred technological advances to strain modifications. Comprehensive reviews regarding these aspects have been reported elsewhere in detail. Meanwhile, more wild type butanol producers with unique properties were also isolated and characterized. However, few reviews addressed these discoveries of novel wild type solventogenic Clostridium sp. strains. Accordingly, this review aims to comprehensively summarize the most recent advances on wild type butanol producers in terms of fermentation patterns, substrate utilization et al. Future perspectives using these native ones as chassis for genetic modification were also discussed.