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Three new Paleocene dinoflagellate cysts from the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea

Vieira, Manuel, Mahdi, Salih, Casas-Gallego, Manuel, Fenton, Jim
Review of palaeobotany and palynology 2018 v.258 pp. 256-264
Danian age, Miozoa, Selandian age, biostratigraphy, sedimentary rocks, taxon descriptions, North Sea, Norwegian Sea
Three dinoflagellate cysts species are formally described from Selandian and Danian sedimentary rocks of the North Sea and Norwegian Sea. The taxa are well known within the regional biostratigraphy community as important age markers, but have never been formally described. Thalassiphora lacunata sp. nov. differs from Thalassiphora delicata by possessing large, subcircular openings on the dorsal surface of the periphragm. For Spiniferites magnificus sp. nov., the morphology of the processes and the development of high sutural crests are the main diagnostic features to distinguish this species from other species of the genus Spiniferites. Operculodinium magnum sp. nov. differs from other Operculodinium species by its larger size and thicker wall, but also the distinctive numerous solid, fibrous processes. Spiniferites magnificus sp. nov. and O. magnum sp. nov. have a stratigraphic range restricted to the Danian. Thalassiphora lacunata sp. nov. has a short stratigraphic range mainly restricted to the early Selandian.