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Profile on medicinal plants used by the people of North Eastern Morocco: Toxicity concerns

Kharchoufa, Loubna, Merrouni, Ilyass Alami, Yamani, Amal, Elachouri, Mostafa
Toxicon 2018 v.154 pp. 90-113
Internet, alkaloids, databases, glucosides, medicinal plants, medicine, people, phenolic compounds, poisonous plants, terpenoids, toxic substances, toxicity, Morocco
In the North Eastern region of Morocco, many people are interested in medicinal plants and their uses. However, the rationale for the utilization of medicinal plants has remained largely underestimated with little or no scientific data on plant safety. In this paper we attempt to describe and establish a detailed list of current knowledge in relation to the toxicity of these plants and to evaluate the scientific data concerning the harmful effects of the selected natural products. Our approach consists of collecting published data from literature in specialized journals, books and website related to the toxic plants. This research revealed that 89 plant species, retrieved from 287 plants used as medicine in the North-Eastern region of Morocco, are considered toxic or present some kind of toxicity. Our data determines 55 compounds isolated from the plants which are dominated by five groups of toxic compounds: alkaloids followed by glucosides, terpenoids, protides and phenolics. The present work discusses toxicity-related issues arising from the use of medicinal plants by local people. We conclude that the database considered in this study could serve as an important source of information on the toxicity of medicinal plants used by this society.