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BBGD454: A database for transcriptome analysis of blueberry using 454 sequences

Omar Darwish, L. Jeannine Rowland, Nadim W. Alkharouf
Bioinformation 2013 v.9 no.17 pp. 883-886
Internet, acclimation, blueberries, breeding, buds, cold, cold tolerance, cold treatment, crop yield, crops, cultivars, databases, fruiting, gene expression, genes, leaves, ripening, temperature, transcriptomics
Blueberry is an economically and nutritionally important small fruit crop, native to North America. As with many crops, extreme low temperature can affect blueberry crop yield negatively and cause major losses to growers. For this reason, blueberry breeding programs have focused on developing improved cultivars with broader climatic adaptation. To help achieve this goal, the blueberry genomic database (BBGD454) was developed to provide the research community with valuable resources to identify genes that play an important role in flower bud and fruit development, cold acclimation and chilling accumulation in blueberry. The database was developed using SQLServer2008 to house 454 transcript sequences, annotations and gene expression profiles of blueberry genes. BBGD454 can be accessed publically from a web-based interface; this website provides search and browse functionalities to allow scientists to access and search the data in order to correlate gene expression with gene function in different stages of blueberry fruit ripening, at different stages of cold acclimation of flower buds, and in leaves.