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Future challenges in seafood chemical hazards: Research and infrastructure needs

Marques, António, Maulvault, Ana L., Nunes, Maria Leonor
Trends in food science & technology 2018
algal blooms, applied research, chemical hazards, climate change, infrastructure, issues and policy, management systems, pathogens, public health, seafood contamination, seafoods, stakeholders, toxins, world markets, xenobiotics
Seafood safety is a priority for all stakeholders associated with supply and consumption. Outbreaks and recalls caused by microbial pathogens, toxins from harmful algal blooms and xenobiotics are attributed to contaminated seafood, leading to considerable public health and economic burdens. Yet, the complexity of seafood safety management systems in a dynamic global market affected by climate change and driven by market demands, urges the implementation of innovative research and infrastructures to ensure the safety of seafood products.This review presents the major needs in seafood safety research and infrastructures, as far as chemical hazards are concerned.Faster exchange of information and establishment of synergies across countries and continents, simplified and efficient food safety policies for stakeholders, innovative and applied research that is useful for stakeholders, and maximizing the use of updated infrastructures, are some of the needs to meet seafood safety challenges in the Ocean of Tomorrow.