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Fabrication of Liquid-Crystal-Based Optical Sensing Platform for Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide and Blood Glucose

Qi, Lubin, Hu, Qiongzheng, Kang, Qi, Yu, Li
Analytical chemistry 2018 v.90 no.19 pp. 11607-11613
aqueous solutions, biomarkers, blood glucose, cationic surfactants, glucose, glucose oxidase, hydrogen peroxide, oxidation, single-stranded DNA
Rapid and accurate determination of H₂O₂ is of great importance in practical applications. In this study, we demonstrate construction of liquid-crystal (LC)-based sensing platforms for sensitive and real-time detection of H₂O₂ with high accuracy for the first time. Single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) adsorbed onto the surface of nanoceria is released to the aqueous solution in the presence of H₂O₂, which disrupts arrangement of the self-assembled cationic surfactant monolayer decorated at the aqueous/LC interface. Thus, the orientation of LCs changes from a homeotropic to planar state, leading to change in the optical response from dark-to-bright appearance. As H₂O₂ can be produced during oxidation of glucose by glucose oxidase (GOx), detection of glucose is also fulfilled by employing the H₂O₂ sensing platform. Our system can detect H₂O₂ and glucose with concentrations as low as 28.9 nM and 0.52 μM, respectively. It shows high promise of using LC-based sensors for the detection of H₂O₂ and its relevant biomarkers in practical applications.