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Induction of 4VS chromosome recombinants using the CS ph1b mutant and mapping of the wheat yellow mosaic virus resistance gene from Haynaldia villosa

Zhao, Renhui, Wang, Haiyan, Xiao, Jin, Bie, Tongde, Cheng, Shunhe, Jia, Qi, Yuan, Chunxia, Zhang, Ruiqi, Cao, Aizhong, Chen, Peidu, Wang, Xiue
Theoretical and applied genetics 2013 v.126 no.12 pp. 2921-2930
Dasypyrum villosum, Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus, Wheat yellow mosaic virus, chromosome translocation, chromosomes, genes, marker-assisted selection, mutants, translocation lines, wheat
The wheat spindle streak mosaic virus (WSSMV) or wheat yellow mosaic virus (WYMV) resistance gene, Wss1, from Haynaldia villosa, was previously mapped to the chromosome arm 4VS by the development of 4V (4D) substitution and T4DL·4VS translocation lines. For better utilization and more accurate mapping of the Wss1, in this research, the CS ph1b mutant was used to induce new translocations with shortened 4VS chromosome fragments. Thirty-five homozygous translocations with different alien fragment sizes and breakpoints of 4VS were identified by GISH and molecular marker analysis. By field test, it was found that all the identified terminal translocations characterized as having smaller 4VS chromosome segments in the chromosome 4DS were highly resistant to WYMV, while all the interstitial translocations with 4VS inserted into the 4DS were WYMV susceptible. Marker analysis using 32 4VS-specific markers showed that both the terminal and interstitial translocations had different alien fragment sizes. Five specific markers could be detected in the WYMV-resistant terminal translocation line NAU421 with the shortest introduced 4VS fragment, indicating they can be used for marker-assisted selection in wheat breeding. Based on the resistance evaluation, GISH and molecular marker analysis of the available translocations, the gene(s) conferring the WYMV resistance on 4VS could be further cytologically mapped to the distal region of 4VS, immersed in the bin of FL 0.78-1.00. The newly developed small fragment translocations with WYMV resistance and 4VS specific markers have laid solid groundwork for the utilization in wheat breeding for WYMV resistance as well as further cloning of Wss1.